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Geography Fair Introduction

Welcome to the Geography Fair Web site. A Geography Fair provides a creative approach to learning Geography. The concept is simple - each student researches a country or region and reports to the group using displays, posters, reports (oral and/or written), games, etc. This site provides resources for Geography Fair organizers as well as participating students. For teachers and organizers, this site will assist in the planning of a first-rate Geography Fair. For students, this site provides many resources to assist in collecting relevant information.



A Geography Fair provides a creative approach to learning Geography. It encourages students to explore topics in geography in more detail than what can be covered in the classroom. Since most students have not had opportunities to explore the world first hand, the Geography Fair is a way to bring the world to them. Additionally, Geography Fairs help students: Geography Fairs can be interdisciplinary. Geography is closely tied with history as it provides important information about the past. Climate and landforms influenced migration patterns, how the land was used, and even the rise and fall of civilizations. Geography is also closely tied to economics. Natural resources and transportation networks greatly impact the economy of a region. Geography also studies the relationship between people and the environment.

Home School

Geography Fairs also work well for homeschoolers. A group of homeschoolers may want to get together and have a home school Geography Fair. If a group is not available, you may have each member of the family choose a country or region. Or you may choose to pick one country and have the entire family study and explore that country together as a family. Another alternative is to see if there is a local public school conducting a Geography Fair and ask to participate with the school.

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